Reading Comprehension

Time: 30 minutes


  1. 1.      Choose the best answer to each question (2 points for each correct answer)


(This passage was written in 1982)

    Suppose that we lined up our roughly 14 millionUnited Statesbusinesses in order of size, starting with the smaller, along an imagined road from San-Francisco toNew York. There will be 4,500 businesses to the mile, or a little less than one per foot. Suppose further that we placed a flag for each business. The height of the flagpole represents the annual volume of sales; each $10,000 is shown by one foot of pole.

    The line of flagpoles is a very interesting sight. From San-Francisco to aboutReno,Nevada, it is almost unnoticeable, a row of poles about a foot high. From Reno Eastward the poles increase in height until, nearColumbus,Ohio- about four-fifth of the way across the nation - flags fly about10 feetin the air. But as we approach the Eastern terminus, the poles suddenly begin to mount. There are about 300,000 firms in the country with sales over $500,000. These corporations occupy the last75 milesof the 3,000-mile road. There are 200,000 firms with sales over $1 million. They occupy the last50 miles. Then there are 1,000 firms with sales of $50,000,000 or more. They take up last quarter mile before the city limits, flags flying at cloud height,5,000 feetup.    At the very gates ofNew York, on the last100 feetof the last mile, we find the 100 largest industrial firms. They have sales of at least $1.5 billion, so that their flags are already miles high. Along the last10 feetof road, there are the 10 largest companies. Their sales are roughly $10 billion and up. Their flags190 milesin the air, literally in the stratosphere.


1. What is the author's main purpose in this passage?

   (A)  to show why largest firms are inNew York

   (B)  to provide an overview of the size ofUnited States   businesses

   (C)  to explain howUnited Statesbusinesses use flagpoles

   (D)  to illustrate the geographical distribution ofUnited Statesbusinesses

2. The flagpoles mentioned in the passage increase in height   from

    (A) East to West.

    (B) West to East.

    (C) North to South.

    (D) South to North.

3. The height of a flagpole for a particular firm is based on the firm's

    (A) number of employees.

    (B) profit in dollars.

    (C) sales in dollars.

    (D) total area of building space.

4. As used throughout this passage, the word "foot" refers a

    (A) lower end of an object.

    (B) measurement of length.

    (C) part of the body.

    (D) unit of poetry.

5. How manyUnited Statesbusiness firms have sales of at  least $50 million?

    (A) 1,000

    (B) 3,000

    (C) 200,000

    (D) 300,000

6. How high are the flagpoles on the segment of road containing   the ten largest companies?

    (A)1 mile

    (B)10 miles

    (C)100 miles

    (D)190 miles


Choose the best answer to each question (each correct answer is 2 points).


The Stone Age was a period of history which began in approximately 2 million b.c. and lasted until 3000 b.c. Its name was derived from the stone tools and weapons that modern scientists found. This period was divided into the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic Ages. During the first period, (2 million to 8000 b.c.) the first hatchet and use of fire for heating and cooking were developed. As a result of the Ice Age, which evolved about 1 million years into Palaeolithic Age, people were forced to seek shelter in caves, and develop new tools.

During the Mesolithic Age (8000 to 6000 b.c.) people made crude pottery and the first fish hooks, took dogs hunting, and developed a bow and arrow, which was used until the fourteenth century A.D.

The Neolithic Age (6000 to 3000 b.c.) saw humankind domesticating sheep goats, pigs, and cattle, being less nomadic than in previous eras, establishing permanent settlements, and creating governments.


  7. Into how many periods was Stone Age divided?

       (1) 2    (2) 3    (3) 4    (4) 5


  8. Which of the following developed earliest?

        (1) the fish hook

        (2) the first hatchet

        (3) the bow and arrow

        (4) pottery


    9. Which of the following developments is not related to the conditions of Ice Age?

          (1) farming

          (2) clothing

          (3) living indoors

          (4) using fire


   10. Which period lasted longest?

        (1) Palaeolithic

        (2) Ice Age

        (3) Mesolithic

        (4) Neolithic


   11. Which of the following periods saw develop a more communal form of living?

        (1) Palaeolithic

        (2) Ice Age

        (3) Mesolithic

        (4) Neolithic


   12. The author states that the Stone Age was so named because

        (1) it was very durable

        (2) the tools and weapons were made of stone

        (3) there was little vegetation

        (4) the people lived in caves





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Use of English


Time: 60 minutes

Task 1

Fill in the missing word (one word in each space)



The Promenade, Regentmere

Tel: 0712 – 65537      Fax: 0712-65520

8th May, 2010

Mr. Larry Walters

14 Long Street,



Dear Mr. Walters,


Thank you for your letter of the 27th of April, applying (1 ________ ) the position of assistant chief (2 _______ ) the Plaza Hotel Restaurant.

(3 _______ ) I was impressed by your qualification, I regret (4 ______ ) inform you that the above position has already (5 ________ ) filled by someone (6 ______ ) wider experience than (7 _______ ). I can, (8 _______ ), inform you that (9 _____ ) will be a future vacancy opening up (10 ______ ) six months. Although that opening won’t (11 _______ ) for assistant chief, it (12 ______ ) allow you to gain experience by working in our restaurant (13 _______ ), as you know, has a reputation for excellence not (14 ______ ) in this town but also throughout (15 ______ ) country. (16 ______ ) you are interested, I (17 ________ ) able to offer you the position. I’m always (18 _______ ) for people who have potential and are willing (19 ______ ) learn. It is worth bearing (20 ______ ) mind that there is a good chance (21 ______ ) future vacancies will be opening here (22 ______ ), and I’m sure that we will eventually be able to offer you something that you will be (23 _______ ) in.

Please telephone me as (24 ________ ) as possible in order to arrange (25 _______ ) interview.


Yours sincerely.

John Barnes

Food and Beverages Manager


Task 2


Complete the sentences with one of the verbs in the box in a suitable form. Be careful – some of them are negative.


be                    deal                 finish              know

have                make              see (twice)                  speak

stare               suffer             suit                  want


26. I’m afraid I haven’t finished typing those letters. I _____________ with customers all morning.

27. That jacket really ____________ you. How long __________ you _____________ your own clothes?

  1. Thank you, but I really ____________ any more juice. I ___________ two large glasses already.
  2. I can’t find my watch. ___________ you ____________ it recently?
  3. Paul _____________ from earache since the weekend. He _____________ to the doctor twice, but it’s still not better.
  4. We ______________ why Sara is upset, but she _____________ to us for ages.
  5. Why ___________ you ____________ at me? I suppose you ____________ a woman on a motorbike before!



Task 3

Choose the answer that is CLOSEST IN MEANING to the original sentence


33. Despite the signs that are clearly displayed, some people still insist on parking in handicapped spaces.

    (A) Only handicapped people park in the spaces because there are signs clearly displayed.

    (B) Although there are signs, they are not marked clearly enough to keep people from parking in handicapped spaces.

    (C) Some people park in handicapped spaces even though clearly displayed signs warn them not to.

    (D) The clearly displayed signs help some handicapped people who need to park in the spaces.


34. It is not illegal in some cultures to be married to more than one woman at the same time, but the monogamous relationship is the most common.

    (A) In some cultures it is legal to be married to several women at once, but it is more common to be married to just one woman.

    (B) It is against the law to be married to more than one woman at a time, although it is common in some cultures.

    (C) The monogamous relationship, which is common in most cultures, is illegal in some cultures.

    (D) Being married to more than one woman at the same time is both common  and legal in some cultures.


35. Airlines routinely promise seats to 10 or 20 percent more passengers than can be accommodated because some people who confirm their reservations fail to keep them.

    (A) About 10 to 20 percent of the passengers who book flights do not travel because there are no seats.

    (B) The people who confirm their reservations do not have seats because the airlines promise them to more passengers than they can serve.

    (C) About 10 to 20 percent of the people who want to fly can be accommodated because of extra seats.

    (D) The airlines reserve seats at 110 to 120 percent of capacity because of people who make reservations but don't show up.


36. The explosive properties of nitroglycerin, later one of the components of dynamite, were discovered by Antonio Sobrero, an Italian chemistry professor.

    (A) Antonio Sobrero who was later an Italian chemistry professor discovered that nitroglycerin was in dynamite.

    (B) One of the later components of dynamite was nitroglycerin, according to Antonio Sobrero's Italian chemistry professor.

    (C) An Italian chemistry professor named Antonio Sobrero discovered that nitroglycerin, later one of the components of dynamite, had explosive properties.

    (D) Later an explosive in dynamite, nitroglycerin was discovered inItalyby a chemistry professor of Antonio Sobrero.


37. If the Test of Written English had been required by my university, I would have taken it along with the TOEFL.

    (A) I took the Test of Written English but not the TOEFL when it was required at my university.

    (B) I took both the Test of Written English and the TOEFL because my university required them.

    (C) I did not take the Test of Written English with the TOEFL because my university did not require it.

    (D) I took the Test of Written English with the TOEFL although my university did not require it.


Task 4

Spot the mistake


  38. THE MAIN(1) office of the factory can BE FOUND(2) AT(3) Maple  Street IN(4)New York City.

  39. Because there are LESS(1) members present tonight THAN(2) there  WERE(3)  last  night,  we  must  wait  until the next meeting  TO VOTE(4).

 40. David is PARTICULARLY(1) FOND OF(2) cooking, and he OFTEN COOKS(3)      REALLY(4) delicious meals.

  41. The PROGRESS(1) MADE(2) IN SPACE(3) travel FOR(4) the early 1960's  is remarkable.

  42. Sandra has NOT RARELY(1) missed A PLAY(2) or concert SINCE(3) she  WAS SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD(4).

  43. THE(1) governor HAS(2) not decided HOW TO DEAL WITH(3) the new    problems ALREADY(4).

  44. THERE WAS(1) A(2) very interesting news ON THE(3) radio this  morning ABOUT(4) the earthquake inItaly.

  45.The professor had already given THE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT(1) when he  HAD REMEMBERED(2) that MONDAY(3) WAS(4) a holiday.

  46. Having been beaten BY(1) the police FOR STRIKING AN OFFICER(2),  THE MAN(3) WILL CRY(4) out in pain.

  47. This table is NOT STURDY ENOUGH(1) TO SUPPORT(2) a television,  and THAT ONE(3) probably isn't NEITHER(4).

  48. The bridge WAS HITTING(1) by a large ship DURING(2) a SUDDEN(3)   storm LAST(4) week.

  49. THE COMPANY(1) representative sold TO THE MANAGER(2) a SEWING(3)   machine FOR(4) forty dollars.

  50. The TAXI DRIVER(1)  TOLD  THE  MAN(2)  TO DON'T  ALLOW(3)  his   disobedient son TO HANG OUT(4) the window.

  51. These televisions are QUITE(1) popular IN(2)Europe, BUT THOSE  ONE'S(3) ARE(4) not.

  52. Harvey seldom PAYS HIS BILLS(1) ON TIME(2), and SAME(3) DOES HIS BROTHER(4).

  53. The PRICE(1) of crude oil used to be a GREAT(2) deal LOWER(3)   than now, WASN'T IT(4)?

  54. When AN(1) university formulates NEW REGULATIONS(2), IT(3) MUST   RELAY(4) its decision to the new rules.

  55. Jim was UPSET(1) last night BECAUSE(2) he HAD TO DO(3) too  MANY HOMEWORK(4).

  56. There IS(1) some SCISSORS(2) IN(3) the desk drawer IN(4) the   bedroom if you need them.

  57. The Board of Realtors doesn't have any INFORMATIONS(1) ABOUT(2) the INCREASE(3) IN RENT FOR(4) this area.

  58. George is not ENOUGH INTELLIGENT(1) TO PASS(2) THIS(3)  ECONOMICS(4) class without help.

  59. THERE WERE(1) so MUCH(2) people trying to leave THE BURNING(3)  building THAT(4)  the  police  had  a  great  deal  of trouble  controlling them.

  60. John lived IN(1)New YorkSINCE(2) 1960 to 1975, but he  IS NOW LIVING(3) IN(4)Detroit.

  61. The fire began IN(1) the FIFTH(2) floor OF(3) the hotel, but it   SOON SPREAD(4) to adjacent floors.

  62. Mrs. Anderson bought LAST WEEK A NEW SPORTS CAR(1); HOWEVER(2),  she HAS YET TO LEARN(3) HOW TO OPERATE(4) the manual gearshift.







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Сomputer games have become extremely popular not only with teenagers but also with adults. Some people, however, believe that computer games teach us nothing and besides they can be harmful for physical, intellectual and psychical development of teenagers, who are advised to spend more time doing sports.


Write an essay on this subject, stating whether you approve or disapprove playing computer games. Give your arguments for and against teenagers playing computer games.

            You should write 120 - 180 words in an appropriate style.

            Time: 45 minutes


_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________YOU CAN USE THE OPPOSITE SIDE





Карточка участника


Student 1



Task 1


(Monologue; Time: 1,5 - 2 minutes)


In a minute you will have to speak about the advantages of mobile phones and their use.



Task 2


(Dialogue; Time: 3 - 5 minutes)


Learning languages is now a very important part of modern educational standard. Discuss the advantages of knowing a foreign language. How useful the knowledge of English might be in your future profession? Give arguments and examples in support of your opinion. You may or may not come to an agreement with your partner. Remember it is a discussion and not a monologue.





Student 2



Task 1


(Monologue; Time: 1,5 - 2 minutes)


In a minute you will have to speak about mobile phones. Can they sometimes be annoying? What is so special about it for you and other people?



Task 2


(Dialogue; Time: 3 - 5 minutes)


English has recently become an international language, one can find English-speaking people in any country of the world. Discuss the best ways of mastering the language and the importance of knowing it well. Give arguments and examples in support of your opinion. You may or may not come to an agreement with your partner. Remember it is a discussion and not a monologue.